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Leading Trends in the Fashion World in The Last Two Decades

Anyone who has followed even a little bit of the upheaval that has been going on in the fashion world over the past few decades cannot ignore the powerful trends that have led it.

The first trend is the trend of globalization. Fifty years ago, there was a strong expression of local identity that allowed for a certain level of exposure. However, today things are completely different.

The world has become a small village where people in Japan, Canada, Singapore, or Belgium wear more or less the same clothes or rather the same brands.

The trend of globalization has made fashion at least known worldwide, where there are not many surprises, and the possibility of unique personal expression has been reduced. It is true that different designers still find ways to rebel against this trend, but the overall majority of the population looks the same.

Leading brands have crossed borders and continents, making our world a global place, with a familiar and well-known sense of uniformity. There is also something very beautiful about it, that young people everywhere are characterized by the same outline, and are given the freedom to express themselves within the general uniform line.

A person who travels somewhere in the world and wants to buy clothes does not have to worry about not finding what they want or, God forbid, having to choose clothes that are not to their taste, which are only worn by the locals.

Indeed, some societies still maintain their uniqueness, sometimes expressed in national clothing or holiday clothes, which are often worn at specific times. But beyond that, everything looks the same.

This trend is primarily a sociological trend, beyond being a fashionable phenomenon. There is a common kind of communication among all the people on this planet.

Beyond the uniformity trend, the brand is a winning trend. Almost anywhere developed across the globe, you can purchase the same brand as your favorite, which characterizes you, expressing your artistic, fashionable taste, social preferences, sportsmanship, and especially your economic ability.

Modern society has developed sophisticated and modern tagging tools with well-known codes and seemingly encrypted codes, whereby society classifies its members.

Suffice it to say that if you bought an X-brand item or a Y-brand item, the environment already knows much about you.

Turning the world into a huge global village is no longer a wish. It has become a fact a long time ago. There are still sub-currents that express their own locality, but still, global trends are dominant.

As Facebook and Google have conquered the world without any war, so have the familiar brands and hundreds, if not thousands, of brands that surround our world.

To be honest, these brands are not just in the fashion world but in all aspects of our lives, from the automotive industry to electronics and even to the style and furniture of the house. Global trends control us inadvertently.

The area of brand franchising leads to this trend, which connects the parent company that manufactures to the customer who ultimately buys the final product. Franchises distribute the brand that one or more voters choose to customers, subject to certain payment terms, a commitment to profit percentage, and meeting quality standards.

In recent years, the area of brand franchising has been a worldwide success because it allows many people to enter the business world with a relatively minimal investment. An agent like that already receives a product that has been designed by all the rules that characterize the same brand.

All they have to do is worry, create, distribute, and sell.

The franchise is the first to enjoy the profit, although it pays a certain percentage of its profits to the brand agent. It's a pre-known story of success.

These brands may paint a dream of a more beautiful reality than what exists. Commercial plays a big part in the distribution, and fashion icons have a role to play.

Most likely all the answers to those questions are positive. But if you want to continue to deepen these questions, you have to explore these issues in their own private and it's a completely different opera, which is certainly worth discussing in itself.

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Leading Trends in the Fashion World in The Last Two Decades

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