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Brand Licensing in the Food or Beverage Industry

When we go shopping at the supermarket, the main thing we do is buy food or beverage but in the majority of cases, we buy licensed products without the knowledge of our conscious mind. Almost half of the entire license business has its place in the food or in beverage industry. We can see this in all domains of activity where food is also involved. So brand licensing in the food or beverage industry is already something very much used.


Over the last years, we can see an explosion of licenses in the food and beverage domain, many of you may ask how this type of business use licenses, well for maximizing the profit companies have to use licensing as the main option. The following methods are used:*Food for food - this is a very good option to follow as the variety and volumes of products in this category of business are at a very high level. In this way, the brand owner can for example add the same flavor to different products that have a close structure.


*Food to non-food - for example, different food products can be printed on the surface of a clothing article like a t-shirt and then be seen worn by a Hollywood celebrity. Another example is designing different themes for many other products that are not from the food industry. This will give more power to the brand in other fields of interest.


*Non-food to food - this has its place especially on products for children, for example, potato chips with toys on the cover or chocolate with cartoons.


In the process of licensing food and beverage products, it is important to know that the process itself brings lower investment costs to companies; the costs would be much higher if they would want to release a new product and make everything from scratch.


In this industry is a lot harder to have success with a license but if good plans and strategies are made before launching the license it can become the best-selling product. So licensing this type of merchandise has to be done after good market research and with better caution.


After setting a good strategy the next step towards success is to pick up proper partners as this is also challenging, you will not find many who will fit the company's plans. The main difference between the food and beverage licensing and licensing for any other products in other areas is that food and beverage don't go well with other types of products that are for example non-edible.


To conclude, in times when the price is a major factor and the budgets for investing are a little low, also there is too much advertising to the point that customers become confused and tired, brand owners give a lot of thought about new methods of using licensing to their advantage and gain as much as they can. Proper planning should make them step ahead of the competition.


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