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Brand licensing with Airwalk: A successful strategy

Since our birth in 1986, we have been one of the brands that launched and built the action sports community. We are fueled by passion and progression, driven by people pushing innovation, supporting the scene, and taking risks.


Airwalk, a prominent brand in the world of action sports, has played a pivotal role since its inception in 1986. Over the years, it has established itself as a leader in skateboarding and other action sports disciplines. With a rich history and a commitment to progression and innovation, Airwalk continues to shape the landscape of the action sports community.

Brand Heritage

The year 1986 marked the birth of Airwalk. From its early days, the brand quickly gained recognition and respect within the skateboarding and action sports scenes. It became synonymous with style, performance, and quality. However, Airwalk's influence extended beyond its products alone.

Airwalk proudly sponsored some of the greatest athletes in the industry. Legends like Tony Hawk, Danny Way, Mat Hoffman, and Andy MacDonald donned Airwalk footwear as they made history and redefined what was possible in their respective disciplines. The shoes they wore became iconic symbols of their achievements, forever associated with the spirit of Airwalk.

Today's Airwalk

Today, Airwalk remains deeply rooted in its heritage while embracing the ever-evolving demands of the action sports lifestyle. The brand continues to produce a diverse range of products, catering to the needs of athletes and enthusiasts alike. From innovative footwear designed to enhance performance and provide superior comfort to stylish apparel and accessories, Airwalk offers a complete package for those seeking an authentic action sports experience.

Commitment to the Action Sports Lifestyle

At Airwalk, the commitment to the action sports lifestyle goes beyond the products themselves. The brand embodies the passion and dedication of those who live and breathe these sports. Airwalk actively supports the community, collaborating with athletes, events, and organizations to foster progression and innovation.

Through partnerships and sponsorships, Airwalk helps create platforms for athletes to showcase their skills and push the boundaries of what is possible. The brand takes pride in fueling the excitement and energy that drives the action sports community forward.

Licensing Opportunities

With its iconic status and rich history, Airwalk offers licensing opportunities for those who wish to be a part of its legacy. Licensing the Airwalk brand provides partners with the chance to tap into the brand's authenticity and connection with the action sports community. By leveraging Airwalk's reputation and heritage, licensees can develop and market products that resonate with the target audience, creating unique and compelling experiences.


In the world of action sports, Airwalk has left an indelible mark since its inception in 1986. As a brand fueled by passion, progression, and innovation, it has influenced the community and supported athletes who have become legends.

Today, Airwalk remains committed to its heritage, offering a range of products that cater to the needs of action sports enthusiasts. With its focus on the action sports lifestyle, Airwalk continues to inspire and engage with the community, driving it forward through its unwavering dedication.

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