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FUBU: How Daymond John's "Bunch of Hats" Became a Billion-Dollar Brand

FUBU, which stands for "For Us, By Us", started as a small project between Daymond John and his friends in Hollis, Queens. Little did they know that their initial collection of hats would evolve into a multi-billion-dollar brand that changed the fashion industry forever.

From Humble Beginnings to Global Success

FUBU's earliest collection featured a small line of tops and hats with the brand's logo. However, it wasn't until 1995 that FUBU gained national attention with a successful appearance at a trade show in Las Vegas. This led to a surge in demand and the development of an extensive sportswear line, made with raw materials imported from all over the world.

As the brand's popularity grew, so did the attention of distributors and investors. By 1998, FUBU had grossed over $350 million in annual worldwide sales, making it one of the most successful lifestyle brands in history. Over the next two decades, FUBU received numerous awards for its entrepreneurial achievements, including two Congressional Awards, two NAACP Awards, the Pratt Institute Award, the Christopher Wallace Award, the Online Hip Hop Award, and a Citation of Honor from the Queens Borough President.

Innovation and Influence in the Fashion Industry

FUBU's success can be attributed to its innovative marketing strategies and the brand's ability to resonate with its target audience. By creating clothing "For Us, By Us", FUBU established a unique identity and a loyal following. FUBU's founders also recognized the power of hip-hop culture and celebrity endorsements, which helped to cement the brand's place in popular culture.

The impact of FUBU on the fashion industry is undeniable. The brand's success paved the way for other streetwear brands, and its influence can still be seen in modern fashion trends. Today, over 5,000 stores have carried the FUBU collection, and more than $6 billion in merchandise has been sold at retail.


FUBU's journey from a small project in Queens to a global brand is a testament to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. The brand's success was driven by a clear vision, a deep understanding of its audience, and a willingness to take risks. FUBU's legacy continues to inspire new generations of designers and entrepreneurs, and its impact on the fashion industry will never be forgotten.

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