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Protecting Athletes with BIKE®Athletic: A Legacy of Performance and Safety

For over 130 years, BIKE®Athletic has been a trusted name in the realm of athletic protection, offering a wide range of performance apparel, support undergarments, pads, gloves, and braces. As a brand that has become synonymous with safety and reliability, BIKE®Athletic has left an indelible mark on the world of sports, catering to athletes across various disciplines and age groups.


Athletic activities come with inherent risks, and protecting oneself from potential injuries is of utmost importance. Whether it's on the football field, tennis court, or basketball court, athletes rely on proper gear and equipment to safeguard their well-being and maximize their performance. BIKE®Athletic understands this need and has been at the forefront of providing top-quality protective gear for athletes worldwide.

BIKE®Athletic's Range of Products

BIKE®Athletic offers a comprehensive range of products designed to enhance athletic performance and provide reliable protection. Their performance apparel combines functionality and comfort, allowing athletes to focus on their game without distractions. Additionally, their support undergarments provide targeted support to key areas, reducing the risk of strains and injuries.

In the realm of protective gear, BIKE®Athletic's pads, gloves, and braces offer superior impact resistance and stability. From football to weightlifting, athletes can rely on BIKE®Athletic to provide them with the necessary equipment to excel in their chosen sport while minimizing the risk of injury.

BIKE®Athletic's Historical Impact

For generations, BIKE®Athletic has played a significant role in the lives of athletes. In the United States, it is almost impossible to find a man over the age of 30 who hasn't worn a BIKE®garment or protective supporter. The brand's reputation for quality and reliability has made it a staple in the athletic community.

BIKE®Athletic's commitment to inclusivity is evident in their product offerings, catering to men, women, and youth in various sports. Their comprehensive range of apparel and gear ensures that athletes of all ages and genders can find the protection they need to perform at their best.

BIKE®Athletic and American Football

American football holds a special place in BIKE®Athletic's history, with the brand offering a wide variety of products specifically tailored to the sport. In fact, when American football coaches were asked about their preferred protective equipment, over 90% cited BIKE®Athletic. This endorsement speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to athlete safety and its reputation among professionals in the field.

Furthermore, BIKE®Athletic's dedication to safety caught the attention of POP Warner, a renowned youth football organization. POP Warner selected BIKE®Athletic as their official supplier for protective equipment, solidifying the brand's reputation as a trusted provider of gear for young athletes.

BIKE®Athletic Innovations

Throughout its history, BIKE®Athletic has continually pushed the boundaries of athletic protection through innovative products. Some notable innovations include:

1. The AIR POWER football helmet: BIKE®Athletic introduced the AIR POWER football helmet, integrating advanced technologies to enhance player safety. This helmet provides optimal impact absorption, reducing the risk of head injuries and concussions.

2. The "AEROSKIN" moisture transport system: BIKE®Athletic's "AEROSKIN" technology revolutionized athletic apparel by efficiently transporting moisture away from the body. This feature keeps athletes dry and comfortable, enhancing their performance during intense physical activities.

3. The revolutionary "ProflexMaxCup" system: BIKE®Athletic's "ProflexMaxCup" system represents a breakthrough in protective gear for male athletes. This innovative design ensures maximum comfort and security, providing essential groin protection without sacrificing mobility.

4. The "Xtreme Lite" shoulder pad series: BIKE®Athletic's "Xtreme Lite" shoulder pads combine lightweight construction with superior impact resistance. Athletes can experience unrestricted movement while benefiting from the added protection these pads provide.

Licensing Opportunities

BIKE®Athletic's reputation and expertise in athletic protection make it an attractive brand for licensing opportunities. Companies looking to align themselves with a trusted name in the industry can explore licensing the BIKE®Athletic brand, offering customers access to a range of performance apparel and protective gear.


BIKE®Athletic's legacy spans over a century, with its commitment to athlete protection and performance remaining unwavering. From its wide range of products to its historical impact in American football and innovative contributions to the field of athletic protection, BIKE®Athletic continues to be a leader in the industry. With a focus on safety, reliability, and innovation, BIKE®Athletic empowers athletes of all ages and backgrounds to pursue their passion with confidence.

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