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Gulf: A Legacy of Quality and Endurance

The Gulf brand has a storied history that spans over a century, marked by its commitment to quality and endurance. Founded in Texas in 1901, Gulf emerged at a time when unbranded gasoline was often contaminated and unreliable. Gulf quickly became synonymous with consistent standards and high-quality products.

In 1913, Gulf achieved a milestone that would revolutionize the way people fueled their vehicles - they launched the first-ever drive-in service station. This innovation laid the foundation for the modern service station model we know today.

The brand's commitment to excellence extended beyond the gas pumps. In the 1960s and 70s, Gulf sponsored NBC News and the John Wyer Automotive Team, making its mark not only in the automotive world but also in the media landscape.

During its peak in the 1970s, Gulf was a powerhouse in the industry, processing a staggering 1.3 billion barrels of crude oil and employing 58,000 people worldwide. The film "Le Mans" in 1971 featured Steve McQueen sporting Gulf Racing Colours while wearing the iconic Heuer Monaco watch, further cementing Gulf's presence in popular culture.

In 1984, Gulf Oil International, under the ownership of the Hinduja brothers, acquired the rights to the Gulf Brand. Since then, they have focused on lubricants, oils, greases, and the management of Gulf oil forecourts through licensing agreements.

Gulf Today: A Global Presence

Today, Gulf Oil International operates in over 100 countries, boasting a multi-million-dollar lubricant business that provides millions of liters of lubricants annually across the automotive, marine, and aviation sectors. As part of a long-term partnership, Gulf Formula Elite is the first-fill lubricant in all McLaren Automotive Supercars.

With over 1,000 Gulf branded service stations worldwide (including 400 in the UK), Gulf has firmly established itself as the number 2 branded lubricant in India.

A Successful Partnership: Gulf and McLaren

Gulf's association with McLaren dates back to the early days of Formula 1 and was reignited in the 1990s. Gulf is now the preferred first-fill partner of McLaren Automotive, a testament to their enduring collaboration.

From 2020 to 2022, Gulf sponsored the McLaren Formula 1 team, resulting in the creation of two iconic sets of merchandise. These sets achieved remarkable success, selling out within just 30 minutes of their launch.

Gulf's Brand Values: Quality, Endurance, and Passion

Gulf is driven by a set of core brand values:

  • Quality: Gulf is committed to offering top-quality products and services that meet market demands, consistently exceeding industry standards. Stringent audit procedures ensure a high level of quality across all products.

  • Endurance: Rooted in the brand's strong performance in endurance racing, endurance has become an integral part of Gulf's culture and relationships with customers. This endurance is reflected in their product offerings.

  • Passion: Gulf's brand exudes a winning mentality. Their flexibility and genuine commitment to going the extra mile set them apart, along with their passionate approach to quality and excellence.

  • Boldness: Gulf is a brand that steps forward boldly and confidently. They progress with the assurance of being experts in their field.

  • Optimism: With a joyful and forward-looking attitude, Gulf maintains a can-do, positive approach that is inspiring and infectious.

  • Determination: Committed to their goals, Gulf matches their customers' determination, ensuring that together, they achieve their objectives.

In conclusion, Gulf has a rich history of providing quality products and services, driven by their enduring values of endurance, passion, and determination. Their bold and optimistic approach continues to shape their success in the modern world, as they remain energetic, magnetic, and dedicated to excellence.

 License now Gulf  brand

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