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Hind Performance: Maximizing the Potential of the Individual Athlete


Hind Performance is a prominent performance brand that aims to unlock the full potential of every athlete. With a rich heritage in performance athletics, Hind has been at the forefront of the industry since its inception. This article dives into the brand's history, its overall presence, and its effective marketing strategy.

Hind Performance: Brand History

Hind Performance was founded in 1974 by Greg Hind, a member of the Cal Poly polo team. Initially, the brand focused on designing competition and active swim apparel, catering to the needs of swimmers and water sports enthusiasts. However, Hind soon recognized the demand for performance-enhancing apparel across various sports and expanded its offerings to include running, cycling, outdoor, and fitness apparel.

Throughout its history, Hind Performance has introduced several landmark products that have revolutionized the industry. Notable examples include the Sportight in 1983, the Animal Short in 1986, the Munich Pant in 1988, the Drylete fabric in 1989, and the Motion Sensor Bra in 2004. These innovations have contributed to Hind's reputation as a trailblazer in performance apparel.

The brand's success led to significant growth, with retail apparel and accessory sales exceeding $100 million. In 1997, Hind Performance was acquired by Saucony, further solidifying its position in the market. Later, in 2005, Hind became a part of Stride Rite, a renowned footwear company. This series of acquisitions demonstrate the recognition and value Hind Performance holds within the industry.

Hind Performance: Overall

One of Hind Performance's most notable achievements is the invention of the performance compression apparel category. The brand's dedication to enhancing athletic performance led to the development of compression garments that provide support, increase blood flow, and reduce muscle fatigue.

Hind Performance is not limited to a single category or distribution channel. The brand's presence spans across various sports and activities, making it relevant to athletes of different disciplines. Whether it's running, cycling, outdoor adventures, or fitness pursuits, Hind offers a wide range of high-quality apparel to cater to diverse needs.

The brand positions itself as a leader in maximizing the potential of the individual athlete. Hind understands that every athlete is unique, and their apparel is designed to optimize performance, comfort, and style. This commitment to individual athletes sets Hind apart in the competitive market.

Hind Performance competes with other prominent brands such as Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Champion Jog Bra, Columbia, Danskin, Marika, New Balance, Nike, Speedo, The North Face, and Under Armour. Despite the fierce competition, Hind has established itself as a strong contender, offering a compelling range of products.

When it comes to pricing, Hind Performance falls within the good/better range, striking a balance between affordability and enhanced margin. This pricing strategy ensures that athletes can access quality performance apparel without compromising their budget.

Hind Performance: Marketing Strategy

Hind Performance employs a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance brand visibility and reach its target audience effectively.

Firstly, the brand focuses on building a strong brand imagery through a compelling campaign. This campaign showcases the youthful, athletic, and performance-oriented positioning of the brand. Whether in the gym, on the road, or outdoors, Hind Performance portrays the dedication and passion of athletes, inspiring others to push their boundaries.

A robust brand website is another integral part of Hind's marketing strategy. The website serves as a central hub where the brand can showcase its history, products, and innovations. It provides a platform to gather email addresses, run promotions, offer e-commerce links, and guide customers on where to purchase Hind Performance apparel.

Public relations play a crucial role in promoting Hind Performance. The brand ensures its products receive coverage and placement in relevant magazines and with stylists. This exposure helps raise awareness among the target audience and generates interest in Hind's performance apparel.

Print advertisements in select running, outdoor, and fitness publications are strategically used to further expand Hind Performance's reach. By featuring in publications that cater to active individuals, Hind ensures that its target market is exposed to the brand and its offerings.

Collaborations and promotions with retail partners are also significant aspects of Hind's marketing strategy. By working together with retailers, Hind Performance drives brand demand and ensures its products are easily accessible to athletes across various locations.


Hind Performance has established itself as a leading performance brand, committed to maximizing the potential of individual athletes. With a strong brand history, innovative product introductions, and a comprehensive marketing strategy, Hind continues to inspire and support athletes in their pursuit of excellence. Whether through its brand campaign, website, PR efforts, print advertisements, or collaborations, Hind Performance consistently aims to deliver high-quality apparel that empowers athletes to push their limits.

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