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Hot Tuna: 50 Years and Still Riding the Wave

Picture this: it’s 1969, a year marked by Woodstock, moon landings, and the birth of a world-class surf brand – Hot Tuna! Hailing from the sun-kissed beaches of Australia, our roots are intertwined with the vibrant surf culture that has enthralled thrill-seekers for generations.

Surfing with Passion and Purpose

Hot Tuna's journey began in the heart of Australia, a place where the sea meets the shore and the waves beckon. With a deep-seated passion for surfing, we've proudly sponsored some of the most exhilarating events on the global surfing stage, including the WQS Hot Tuna Central Coast Pro at Soldiers Beach in New South Wales.

Embracing Our Heritage

Embedded in the very essence of Hot Tuna is the spirit of Australian surfing and the endless expanse of the ocean. We've seamlessly woven this rich Australian heritage into every aspect of our designs and marketing endeavors. Our brand exudes the authenticity and vibrancy of the surf culture, celebrating the sun, sea, and sand that have shaped our identity.

Surf Gear that Performs

Hot Tuna is more than just a brand; it's a way of life. Our roots are firmly grounded in the sand, and we offer ride-ready surf gear that not only boasts style but also delivers peak performance in all conditions. Whether you're chasing the perfect wave or lounging on the shore, our products are designed to enhance your experience.

Where Trends Meet Quirkiness

The heart of Hot Tuna lies at the intersection of trends and quirky, surfer-inspired designs. This fusion has given birth to a brand that effortlessly straddles the worlds of surf and fashion. Every product is an embodiment of authentic appeal, capturing the essence of the carefree and adventurous spirit that defines surf culture.

A Laidback Approach

At Hot Tuna, we don't just ride the waves; we ride them with a sense of humor. Our "tongue in cheek" approach infuses a playful and laidback attitude into every facet of our design and marketing. It's this unique blend of fun and quirkiness that sets us apart and resonates with those who share our passion for the sea.

Positioning & Principles

Brand Expression

Hot Tuna is more than a brand; it's a lifestyle choice. We embody the free-spirited essence of the surf culture and channel it into every product we create.

Brand Assets

  • Logo: Our logo is a symbol of our heritage and commitment to quality and style.

  • Prints: The prints on our products reflect our vibrant and unique design aesthetic.

  • Colour: Vibrant and dynamic colors mirror the energy of the ocean and the surfing lifestyle.

  • Typography: Our typography is a nod to the bold and adventurous spirit that defines our brand.

Core Values

At the heart of Hot Tuna are our core values that resonate through our products and visual identity.

  • Fun: We believe in infusing joy and excitement into everything we do, from our designs to our interactions.

  • Authentic: Our commitment to authenticity ensures that our products reflect the true essence of surf culture.

  • Quirky: Embracing our quirkiness allows us to create distinctive and captivating collections that stand out from the crowd.

Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, Hot Tuna stands tall as a testament to the enduring allure of surf culture. Five decades of riding the waves, embracing authenticity, and infusing fun into every aspect have solidified our position as a leader in surf-inspired fashion and gear.

 License now Hot Tuna  brand

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