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A Very Special Bear: The Me to You Bear

The Me to You Bear, with its iconic grey fur and distinctive blue nose, has captured the hearts of millions across the globe. Launched over 21 years ago on greetings cards, this beloved British brand has become one of the most recognized names in the UK. Let's explore the success story of the Me to You Bear and its enduring popularity.

The Me to You Success Story

The journey of the Me to You Bear began more than two decades ago when it made its debut on greetings cards. Its unique design, featuring a grey bear with a blue nose, immediately stood out, captivating people with its charm. The bear's simple yet heartwarming appearance resonated with individuals of all ages, making it an instant hit.

Global Brand Value

Today, the Me to You brand holds an impressive worth of $225 million globally. Its recognition and popularity extend far beyond the borders of the UK, where it initially gained prominence. The Me to You Bear has become a symbol of love, friendship, and affection worldwide, touching the lives of countless people.

Card and Bear Sales

Every year, more than 55 million Me to You cards are sold, spreading joy and heartfelt messages. These cards have become a go-to choice for expressing emotions on various occasions, from birthdays to anniversaries and everything in between. In addition to cards, over 1 million Tatty Teddy bears are sold annually, allowing individuals to embrace the adorable and comforting companionship of these beloved bears.

Successful Licensing Program

The Me to You Bear's success extends beyond its core products. The brand has established a thriving licensing program, which has been running for over 15 years and is valued at an impressive $85 million in the UK alone. This program has opened doors to a wide range of product categories that carry the Me to You charm, including apparel for ladies and kids, nightwear and accessories, food and confectionery, personalized items, nursery and apparel babywear, gifts, and greetings cards.

Core Product Categories

The Me to You brand has made its mark in various product categories, each reflecting the brand's essence of love and warmth. In the apparel segment, the brand offers a delightful range of ladies and kids nightwear and accessories, allowing individuals to wrap themselves in Me to You's cozy embrace. Additionally, the brand has expanded into the realm of food and confectionery, satisfying both sweet cravings and the desire for heartfelt gifts. Personalized items, nursery and apparel babywear, gifts, and greetings cards further enhance the Me to You experience, providing endless opportunities for expressing affection and creating lasting memories.


The Me to You Bear has evolved from a humble debut on greetings cards to become an enduring symbol of love and friendship. With its iconic grey bear and endearing blue nose, it has captured the hearts of millions across the globe. The brand's worth of $225 million and the staggering annual sales of Me to You cards and Tatty Teddy bears serve as a testament to its enduring popularity. As one of the most recognized British brands, the Me to You Bear continues to spread love, warmth, and joy. Discover the magic of Me to You and embrace the heartfelt connection it offers.

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