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Original Stormtrooper: A Cultural Icon's Journey


In the vast galaxy of pop culture, few characters shine as brightly as the Stormtrooper. Developed in 1976 by Andrew Ainsworth of Shepperton Design Studios for the inaugural Star Wars film, this iconic figure has transcended generations, captivating hearts and minds globally.

The History Unveiled

1976 - A Galactic Beginning

Andrew Ainsworth's innovative plastic molding techniques, at the behest of his friend Nick Pemberton, set the stage for the Stormtrooper's birth. Approving the design, George Lucas commissions 50 Stormtrooper helmets and 40 X-Wing pilot helmets.

2004 - Legal Turbulence

Lucasfilm takes legal action against Shepperton Design Studios, demanding $20 million, as Ainsworth reproduces Stormtrooper costumes from the original molds. The saga unfolds in court.

2011 - A Legal Victory

Andrew emerges victorious, securing the right to produce and sell replica helmets and costumes. The Stormtrooper lives on, unbridled by legal constraints.

2016 - Golden Partnership

Shepperton Design Studios appoints Golden Goose to develop licensed products, preserving the original Stormtrooper brand values.

Defining the Original Stormtrooper

Originality Personified

In the realm of creativity, the Stormtrooper stands tall as a symbol of originality, existing since its cinematic inception in 1976.

Eccentricity Redefined

This unconventional and slightly strange character brings a unique charm to the Star Wars universe, setting it apart from the ordinary.

British Roots

Proudly born in Great Britain, the Stormtrooper carries the stamp of British ingenuity, adding a touch of cultural distinction.

Authenticity Unmatched

Defined by undisputed origin and genuine craftsmanship, the Stormtrooper faithfully adheres to its traditional roots.

The Fun Side of the Stormtrooper

A Humorous Touch

Contrary to the serious demeanor often associated with them, Stormtroopers bring humor to the Star Wars saga, creating moments of laughter and amusement.

Licensing Opportunities

Unprecedented Creative Freedom

Licensing the Stormtrooper offers unparalleled creative freedom to explore new avenues while staying true to the character's essence.

Asset Bonanza

Access a vast asset bank of images and designs, providing a rich palette for innovative and captivating products.

Quick, Flexible Approvals

Streamlined approval processes facilitate swift and flexible development, ensuring timely market presence for licensed products.


In the grand tapestry of Star Wars lore, the Original Stormtrooper stands as a testament to enduring creativity and cultural significance. From its tumultuous legal battles to becoming a beacon of licensing opportunities, the journey of this character remains unparalleled.

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