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Bench Brand Logo

Inspired by an active 24-hour lifestyle, Bench is a brand that designs, sources, and markets clothing and accessories for men, women, and kids.  

In 1989, Bench was born in the heart of Manchester, England, finding its beginnings as a niche t-shirt brand. 

Today, Bench is inspired by multipurpose clothing while staying true to its heritage.  

By offering both lifestyle and performance categories of products, Bench is able to utilize innovative fabrics, pay attention to detail and ultimately, design the perfect fit.

Quality is rooted in our brand DNA and sustained by a contemporary and functional approach to product design. 

Here at Bench, we believe that every person is empowered to influence social change in their own way.  

We call it Lovemyhood and it’s about being connected to different neighborhoods through the uncovering of local gems like food, music, and art. 

We’re here to make the ordinary less ordinary and make life more fun for our community. 

We want to celebrate and support the youth by focusing on diversity, inclusivity, and authenticity.  

This philosophy also reflects in our design. 

We take a fresh and innovative approach to traditional streetwear clothing by providing a diversified collection combining fashion and functionality.

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