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Fashion designer’s brand – Enrico Coveri

First of all, we are talking about a sizzling super-designer, who has niched himself in the fashion world with his combination of bright, chromatic colors. The designer created a sizzling fantasy story through his models’ prints while creating a joyful sensation. It is a line emphasizing necessities in fashion. Those were the principal things that expressed Enrico Coveri’s designs, the Italian designer.

By 1973 he appeared in Milano’s fashion-filled skies and fashion shows of his models simply burnout the runway. It was the premier that well represented the potential and unique taste of his designs, the best of Italy.​

Three years afterward, he already arrives in Paris, to show his collection. The crowd loves him, and success came immediately. All movers and shakers felt the same about his geniuses and uniqueness. The presented collection was cheered. Right after the presentation of the female collection, he also presents a parallel male collection. He turns into the king of blinkers – that characterized his style so much. His genius is compared to that of the super-designer Chanel.

The next stage is setting up his own fashion house, carrying his name. It happened in 1981. In this stage, the design line expands to a wide collection containing women, men, and children’s clothes, and even jeans that are included in his design category. The Collection is completed by a line of cosmetics, of his own making. Perfumes are developed with the same design sense.

The continuation of his activity was in Venice, a few years later in 1985, he designed a young and special line. In 1987 he is awarded a medal in Paris for his designs. Later on, many awards came from Italy and around the world, for his contribution and uniqueness to the fashion world. He is awarded these prizes, even before he turns 35.​

In 1990 the young designer passed away at the age of only 38. His sister, who up until then was the CEO of his fashion house, takes management into her own hands and can keep that factory going and preserves it well.​

Six years later in 1996, the son of that same Silvana, his sister, becomes the Coveri brand’s creative manager. He is very talented, and his creations are premiering on the runway. He surely proves that he has it, Francheska Coveri. He expresses the right talent and attitude and continues the line, of a passion for colors, to the freshness that characterized the brand up until that time.

The fashion house still keeps blossoming.​For the remembrance of this super designer's workings, a street was named after him, Plaza Enrico Coveri in Pareto. Until this very day the brand is still kicking and breathing, and as always, is characterized by a lively colorfulness, sizzling and special. You cannot miss Enrico Coveri’s brand collection.

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