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The Felina Group is innovative. 

A California-based company that designs, manufactures, markets, and distrib­utes women's intimate apparel and loungewear to some of the world's leading retailers. Founded in 1982, our company entered the market by blending European trends with technical innovation and offering it at an exceptional value. 

Vision and tenacity have expanded the business into new brands and categories within women's intimates.

Distribution allows the Felina Group to leverage business across all retail channels. 

From luxury department stores and specialty boutiques to mid-tier and mass-market retailers and high-volume clubs. 

Our partners value our ability to bring our original DNA of trend and innovation to their market answering the needs and demands of their consumer base.

A true partner. The Felina group offers much more than products. 

We specialize in product and design; inventory planning; manufacturing; marketing; sales; logistics and distribution. 

Our capabilities and flexibility make us an indispensable resource to our retailers that we service.

Our goal is to design and manufacture with integrity and distribute goods of quality and value.

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