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Gentlemen's Tonic

Gentlemen's Tonic Brand Logo

Gentlemen’s Tonic is a luxury and award-winning concept, founded in 2004 in the heart of Mayfair, that affords the modern man a traditional barbershop and a variety of lifestyle, grooming, and spa services and products.

The name Gentlemen’s Tonic reflects two aspects:- Gentlemen’s indicates that the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men;- Tonic signifies the restorative properties of the brand experience.

Gentlemen’s Tonics’ philosophy is understated, self-confident, and provides an opportunity for clients to experience the highest level of dedicated care and attention.

The company now has locations in a number of global cities including London and Hong Kong as well as further units in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Gentlemen’s Tonic prides itself on strong brand guidelines and strict training and operating protocols that are diligently maintained throughout all its establishments.

Products are also a core area of Gentlemen’s Tonic’s business and the company currently manufacturers its award-winning retail and professional ranges in the UK and Europe and exports to approximately 70 different markets internationally with China being a major focus since 2022.

Gentlemen’s Tonic products are used and sold in many of the world’s leading 5-star hotels, flagship airlines, and luxury department and concept stores as well as specialty perfumeries and health and beauty stores. In China specifically, and since 2020, the company has opened over 75 hotel spa accounts in the country. Gentlemen’s Tonic’s products are fully registered in China and the company maintains stock within its fulfillment center in Shanghai.

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