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Hang Ten

Hang Ten Brand Logo

Brand History

The brand began in 1960 in San Diego, California, USA when surfer, Duke Boyd, and seamstress, Doris Boeck, put together a pair of tough nylon shorts designed exclusively for surfing. 

Their creation now known as board shorts was stitched with little golden feet in homage to surfing's greatest skill - hanging one's toes off the front of the board. 

This launched the first all-original surfing apparel brand

Brand story

Originated from California in 1960, HANG TEN became an instant success among surfers with the creation of the first-ever board shorts capable of withstanding the rigors of surfing.

The Brand's California has a global following among free-spirited consumers and sports lovers.


HANG TEN is committed to providing affordable products for everyone to love.

This strategy has proven to be successful as evidenced by its strong brand awareness and robust sales.

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