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Marilyn Monroe

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Marilyn Monroe.

A modern woman.

Born in 1926 under humble circumstances, she was abandoned to a series of foster homes. But Norma Jean Baker never played the victim and never let unfortunate circumstances defeat or define her.

With determination and hard work, she transformed herself into one of the most influential women of the 20th century.

She was a student of life, earnest about her career, dedicated to

self-improvement, and fascinated by the world. 

Her stardom was a result of her resilience and fearless courage. She was, in many ways, a modern woman before her time. 

Long before Hollywood accepted powerful women, Marilyn demanded control of her image, challenged the studio system, started her own production company, and fought for her “seat at the table” before most really knew what that meant. 

Her phenomenon has been desired, imitated, and analyzed–but never repeated.

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