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Markus Lupfer

Markus Lupfer Brand Logo


Step into the world that Markus Lupfer has created; an environment of playful innovation that celebrates confident femininity. These iconic designs turn effortless style into unique statements through delicate hand-crafted embellishments and experimental textiles.

Signature knitwear with just a twist of glamour and a nod of humor underpins vibrant prints in unexpected combinations that have a distinctive personality and style of their own.

Established in 1999, Markus Lupfer has evolved to become a prestigious and widely recognized brand in the fashion and the

accessible luxury goods market where we are constantly redefining ‘the norm’ and setting new trends.

We believe the Markus Lupfer brands’ distinctive originality is built on it’s unique approach to style, craftsmanship and constant innovation in materials, fashion designs and techniques.

Markus Lupfer targets an international customer base that is modern, sophisticated, attuned to stylistic innovations and expects high-quality products at affordable prices. By combining attention to detail, humor, and high quality with modern contemporary styling, we aim to make each of our Markus Lupfer designs unique and original.

The spirit of the brand lies in a positive approach to product, business operations and the people who are touched by it. Markus Lupfer is ultimately a feel-good brand and firmly rooted in it.

Markus Lupfer is renowned for it’s humorously subversive knitwear, and inspired approach to jersey daywear and tailoring.

We design high-quality fashion, with a fun approach to aesthetic, that tells stories to engage your curiosity, raise a smile and evoke a special positive feeling.

Key characteristics are eye-catching prints that draw inspiration from nature, innovative ready-to-wear designs, fashion-forward knitwear and hand-embellished pieces that are easy to wear and casual, while always special and crafted to last.

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