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MCD Brand Logo

MCD designs cater to the bold adventurers of today, who like to express themselves and be authentic in all they do. 

MCD (More Core Division) designs are bold representations of the high-octane lifestyle of surf and action sports trendsetters. 

Created by legendary surfer and founder of Gotcha, Michael Pomson, its rebellious and irreverent attitude continues to resonate with a young target demographic that aspires to test boundaries and challenge the status quo. 

To help launch the new brand, Tomson reconnected with longtime co-conspirator Mike Salisbury to come up with the initial ad campaign. 

Tomson took the top riders from the Gotcha team and borrowed them for MCD. 

The new superteam filed into Mike Funk's Costa Mesa, California studio in late 1989 for the monumental black and white group photo that was headlined "Superior Mothers".

Target Group:

• Surfers

• Skateboarders

• Adventurers of all ages

• Authentic in all they do and say

• They want something unique whether experiences or products.

License now MCD  brand

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