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Neil Lane

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As a distinguished designer and collector, Neil Lane’s life journey has always been focused on a deep appreciation of all things glamorous. Creating hand-crafted, treasured pieces inspired by history for some of Hollywood’s legendary stars, Neil has become one of the most celebrated jewelry designers in the world.

For the last two decades, Neil has made Los Angeles his home, operating a flagship store in the fashionable and exclusive Melrose Place district. Neil’s jewelry is worn by some of the most glamorous & influential people in the world. His designs can be seen on virtually every red carpet in Hollywood, at high-profile weddings and top A-list events. Neil is also the official jewelry designer for ABC’s The Bachelor franchise, where his rings represent the pinnacle moment of each season.The Neil Lane brand is part of a couple's love story from the moment they make their commitment official. He makes his mark beginning at the engagement, throughout the planning phases, on their wedding day and beyond.







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