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Sharper Image

Sharper Image Brand Logo


Founded in 1977, Sharper Image is an American company that offers people a taste of

the future. 

The brainchild of Richard Thalheimer, Sharper Image positioned itself as an

iconic American brand featuring clever, inspiring, and innovative products. 

Developing unique and useful products became the company's mission: “Picking out these fun toys for grown-ups." Key early product launches included the first telephone answering machine and the first hand-held microcomputer.

Others, like the Ionic Breeze and Razor scooter (the most popular gift of 2000) anticipated and led consumer trends.


The overall vision of Sharper Image hasn’t changed over the years, but it has matured

and evolved with the times - with every product carefully designed to embrace the notion of “Tomorrow’s Tomorrow.”

Each product is designed to be visionary, clever, timeless, and to leave a memorable experience for those who use it.

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