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Soltam is currently celebrating 70 years of experience that have made it a status symbol for quality and professionalism in the kitchen. 

We are in almost every home in Israel with a variety of kitchen utensils (cooking - pots and pans, a variety of baking utensils), the world of tableware and serving (cutlery, serving utensils, and dining sets). 

Because of the durability of our pots and pans for many years, they have been passed down from generation to generation and are an integral part of our kitchens. 

We can all feel safe in the kitchen when using Soltam

With the help of our cooking tools, we can all cook like a chef, feel like foodies, and be characterized as food and lifestyle enthusiasts.

Soltam offers every cook, amateur, or professional a variety of kitchen solutions.

Over the years, we have maintained the highest quality raw materials, and controlled production processes that create the best final product possible.

Additionally, the company is a leader in innovation, creativity, advanced technology, and boldness to facilitate and amuse cooks, and produce for them a wonderful and appetizing experience of taste.

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