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Yak Pak

Yak Pak Brand Logo

Yak Pak’s Mission is to design, manufacture, license, and distribute fashionable, innovative, high-quality products that allow consumers to express their personalities through the products they use.


Yak Pak’s Brand Personality is fun, expressive, emotive, innovative, stylish, functional, and durable while offering a good value to the end consumer.


The majority of Yak Pak products sell to a 12 to 20-year-old demographic.

Retail Distribution:

 In 2011, the distribution of Yak Pak bags will pass 10,000 retail locations during the Back to School Season without any mass-market customers in the matrix. Yak Pak products can be found

in boutiques and specialty stores, college bookstores, teen specialty chains, athletic stores, footwear retailers, the office supply channel, and department stores.

 License now-Yak Pak  brand

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