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The world of brands in the female context  


The study of the brain, which has developed recently, in the last quarter century, shows that what drives a man in the totality of his activities is an emotional response to things.

Since the French Revolution and the subsequent steps taken on the banner of individual freedom and later on the demand for equality among people, this study has taken a step toward another revolution, in the definition of man

as an individual and in understanding what drives people to make the choices they do. It turned out that we all feel first and think second when we do.


In this important information, of course, anyone engaged in sales when wants to know what a person is driving to buy. Or should I say, what are the feelings that will drive this decision? This is how we look at this through this understanding, a much more accurate and reliable reality. it also allows us to focus and concentrate on an emotional ride that is done through the process of buying.


In the context of brands and their sale to the female audience, and perhaps in the selection of a brand for women's rights, these two things should be taken into account. Getting future customers to buy and, above all, to create the enthusiasm that leads to purchase.


Remember that not all people feel and think the same. It has been proven that some people are more emotionally dry. For these people, you need to create a more complex appeal when you design the brand, when you present it to the consumer audience, in a way that goes beyond emotions and also interests them in more general aspects - related to comfort, uniqueness, status, quality, etc. They are more than those associated with their own emotions, and therefore it would be right to act in this direction, in context.


To address a brand to a female audience, and in their fashion, think of another dimension of "tomorrow". And here we are talking about tomorrow, in the broadest sense. Because even if we assume that a brand is for a female clientele, it should always be remembered that a female customer, once brought to a unique purchase, will still need to be taken care of tomorrow. Kerry, for continuity, for continuity, for further shopping experiences.


Such a brand should align with the personality that buys it (and that requires a forward-thinking, predictive, targeted customer process). It must align with their values and more. That is, if we analyze it from the ground up, the purchase of a brand from a potential customer is the final step in this emotional process.

And this is a long process of "relationship" between the brand and the potential customer, defined as a goal.

And these things have to be worked out. They do not happen by themselves.


By the way, it turns out that, as expected, women develop even more "communication" with the brand they purchase. And that's why they also feel that the brand is considerate and willing. It is important to understand this and for this reason to give women high self-esteem and never underestimate it.


Those who take this data into account and weigh it wisely when buying a brand franchise are likely to make a good decision.

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