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The Licensor Benefits of Brand Licensing

Would you like to receive continuous income from your intangible assets? If you're a songwriter, wouldn't you love to receive royalty checks? Songs can be licensed for use, which means you retain copyright ownership and earn money by allowing others to rent the use of your song.

Licensing can be done for movies, TV and radio commercials, video games, and more. Each time a commercial airs or someone buys a video or game, you earn a royalty.

What if you're an artist who has created a fabulous graphic or character? People may pay you to use your artwork on items such as T-shirts, prints, calendars, and more. Each time one is sold, you earn money from your artwork.

Perhaps you have a product that requires accessories, and you don't want to produce them yourself. You can license your brand name, earn a cut, and let someone else bear the expenses. The name of your merchandise gets extended into a new market.

This may lead to more income by requesting more artwork, music, or product ideas from you. You would work closely with the company renting your product to create and develop other avenues of making both of you money.

Not only does this service benefit you, but it also benefits the people and companies paying to produce your name brand, especially if your product is already known. Allowing another company to put products on the market increases their credibility and reputation, as well as getting your name out there more often. This builds their business, your name, and your income.

Using a licensing service is a smart move. It saves you time and money by making all these connections for you.

Now you have an agent working for you to help you succeed. Brand licensing is the way to go.

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