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Lucyd Smart Eyewear

Lucyd Smart Eyewear is now available for distribution worldwide. 

If you are interested in becoming an official distributor, please contact GLG Holding for more information.

Lucyd, a public company on NASDAQ, is a leading manufacturer of smart eyewear. Their Bluetooth-enabled glasses enable wearers to take and make calls, listen to music, and interact with Siri, Google Voice, and Alexa.

Lucyd Lyte® is groundbreaking Eyewear…that combines a wireless headset with designer, RX ready and SUN eyewear.

  • Connect to a phone, PC or tablet

  • Listen to hi-fi music & podcasts

  • Take and make calls & zoom meetings handsfree

  • Access digital assistants Siri®, Google Voice® and Alexa for limitless utilities like hearing the time, weather, stock quotes and missed calls

  • Call an Uber without pulling out your phone

  • Send money with Venmo or Apple Pay

  • Dictate emails and texts

  • With our Vyrb app, create and respond to social posts with your voice

Click on the image to open Lucyd Product Presentation 

Lucyd Product Presentation 2022.webp

Click on the image to open Lyte optical deck

Lyte optical deck.webp

View WNBA star Monique Billings featuring Lucy Lyte's smart eyewear

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