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The Fashion Brand Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club (SBPRC) is a prestigious country club established in 1911. It is one of the oldest and most renowned polo clubs in the world, located in Santa Barbara, California. The club is nestled between the foothills of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean, making it an ideal location for a relaxing yet sophisticated experience.

Location and Facilities

The SBPRC occupies over 100 acres of land and boasts 9 world-class polo fields. These fields have hosted some of the most renowned polo tournaments in the world, including the US Open Polo Championship. The club also features a state-of-the-art racquet club with 8 tennis courts, 6 platform tennis courts, and a swimming pool. Additionally, there are two clubhouses where members can dine and socialize.

Polo and Equestrian Events

The SBPRC is home to some of the most exciting polo and equestrian events in the world. The club hosts several tournaments and events throughout the year, including the USPA America Cup, the Pacific Coast Open, and the International Polo Classic. In addition to polo tournaments, the club also hosts equestrian events, such as horse shows and dressage competitions.

Membership Benefits

Membership at the SBPRC comes with a variety of benefits, including access to the club's facilities and amenities. Members can enjoy exclusive use of the polo fields, tennis courts, and swimming pool, as well as discounts on dining and merchandise. The club also hosts several social events throughout the year, providing members with ample networking opportunities.

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club Brand

The SBPRC brand is inspired by the sport of polo and features classic polo player design styles produced with the finest quality materials. The brand has gained international recognition and is sold in many countries, including Japan, Italy, the USA, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. The SBPRC brand also features a line of polo-inspired fashion and accessories, including jackets, shirts, bags, and more.

Sustainability Efforts

The SBPRC is committed to promoting sustainability in polo and equestrian sports. The club has implemented several sustainable practices, such as using recycled materials for fencing and irrigation systems, and has also launched several environmental initiatives, such as tree planting and water conservation efforts.

Overview of Licensing Partnerships

A. Importance of Choosing the Right Brand

Selecting the right brand for a licensing partnership is crucial for success. Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club's reputation for quality and style makes it a desirable choice for licensees.

B. How Licensing Enhances Brand Value

Licensing allows brands to capitalize on their established identity, creating a symbiotic relationship that enhances the overall value of the brand.

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club's Licensing Opportunities

A. Range of Products Available for Licensing

From apparel and accessories to home goods, Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club offers a diverse range of products for potential licensees.

B. Success Stories of Previous Licensees

Numerous success stories highlight the positive outcomes of licensing partnerships with Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. These stories serve as inspiration for prospective licensees.

Why Choose Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club for Licensing?

Unique Features and Characteristics

1. Iconic Logo and Branding

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club's iconic logo is synonymous with luxury and sophistication, adding value to any product it graces.

2. Quality Craftsmanship and Materials

The brand's commitment to using premium materials and impeccable craftsmanship ensures that licensed products meet the highest standards.

3. Exclusive and Limited-Edition Offerings

Licensees have the opportunity to create exclusive and limited-edition products, adding a sense of exclusivity and urgency for consumers.


In conclusion, the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club is a world-renowned club that offers members access to top-notch facilities, exciting polo and equestrian events, and a prestigious brand that is recognized around the world. With its commitment to excellence and sustainability, the SBPRC is truly a jewel of the American Riviera.

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