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FERGUSON Brand: 85 Years of Innovation and Influence

Introduction: Ferguson Brand's Genesis

The history of the Ferguson brand traces back to the visionary J.B. Ferguson's establishment of the Ferguson Radio Corporation in 1932. This pioneering move marked the inception of a brand that would shape the future of television technology.

Ferguson's Legacy in the TV Industry

For over eight decades, Ferguson has maintained its position as an innovator in the TV industry. Its consistent dedication and groundbreaking contributions have earned it the esteemed status of a pioneer. Notably, Ferguson dominated the UK TV market during the 1980s, a testament to its unparalleled technological advancements. In recognition of its innovations, Ferguson proudly received the prestigious "Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement" in 1981.

Surviving Transitions: Mergers and Acquisitions

Navigating through various transitions, Ferguson has persisted through mergers and acquisitions, adapting and evolving while preserving its rich heritage. Amidst these changes, the brand found continuity under Technicolor S.A.'s licensing program, ensuring its legacy endures.

Ferguson's Current Direction and Expansion

Presently, Ferguson has set its sights on growth and expansion, starting from its homeland in the UK. The brand is actively seeking licensing opportunities to extend its influence across Europe and beyond, envisioning a wider global presence.


In summary, Ferguson's 85-year journey exemplifies innovation, resilience, and adaptability in the TV industry. From its pioneering inception by J.B. Ferguson to its present-day pursuits, the brand remains committed to advancing technology while preserving its rich heritage.

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