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Why You Should Consider Fiorucci When Brand Licensing

When an individual or business decides to invest in brand licensing, it would make sense to look for the most successful and unique, but popular, brand. Not all owners of their name-brand products own a store or shop.

Therefore, they invest in licensing, businesses, and or store owners, the option to use their name to expand their own enterprise.There are many departments that brands come by, anywhere from kitchenware to paper and electronics. However, businesses will find it most beneficial to invest in and be updated in today's fashion trends, because the need for fashion, will always remain at an all-time high. Fashions, such as Fiorucci.

Fiorucci is an Italian fashion label founded in 1967. It has been linked to fashion icons such as Madonna, Cher, and Calvin Klein to name a few. Fioruccis unmistakable logo consists of two angels painted with ancient art in mind. Its history from heyday consists of signing fashion designs such as the first stretch jeans with Lycra Jeans and the five-pocket safety jeans with Wrangler Jeans. Starting in Milan, Italy and its first American display in New York, it has now renounced its name all the way to China!

The Fiorucci catalog features four styles of fashion apparel designs, each of them, with its own unique style and color base. These include Fiorucci Bay, Fiorucci Sweet Couture, Butterfly Baby, and Hot Mermaid. Unlike other brands that may separate the styles between adults and children, Fiorucci does not! The name is not specialized in just apparel, but accessories ranging from eyewear, shoes, and bags. They even have their own perfume and makeup wear!

Fiorucci Bay at a glance is just that- a day at the bay casual wear. This style's full lining of casual wear is appropriate for sunny skies and water fun. Colors Yellow, green pink, and blue are soft in hue and promote an easy-going appearance. Print images include flamingos, palm trees, and icicle pops. For a more retro appearance, this style also features a black and light hot pink design.

Fiorucci Sweet couture is love-themed with print images of lips and hearts. Patterns include polka dots and stripes with two base colors. This style is based on colors red, white, black, and pink promoting a more subtle look. Looks such as these can be of popular demand when romantic holidays occur such as anniversaries.

Butterfly baby is just that- a clothing line designed for butterfly lovers! There are butterfly prints, butterfly chains, butterfly logos on pants, dresses, shirts, you name it. They have it. Colors are varied with the butterfly print but the majority consists of black, white, blue, and navy. This look is more feminine as it focuses more on a semi-formal dress except for print tees, of course.

The last Fiorucci brand is Hot Mermaid. This lavish fashion design is dedicated to the sea lovers of the world. It ranges in colors of pink with mermaid print items, red white, and blue sailor-themed apparel, and soft green designer shoes. Hot Mermaid will astound you with its unique design and creativity.

Brand licensing can help assist many enterprises to achieve their goals. Additional research to find earning trends, popularity, and other factors can help to determine whether or not to invest in the name. Let Fiorucci give you over 40 years of experience. Its historic credentials and upbeat designs can give you what you are looking for.

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