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Larry Levine: An American Classic. For Every Occasion.

Larry Levine, a brand that originated as a wool coat resource in the 1950s, has now evolved into a full lifestyle collection catering to the modern woman with a classic aesthetic. With its emphasis on timeless style and exceptional craftsmanship, Larry Levine offers a range of clothing and accessories that are perfect for any occasion.


When you think of Larry Levine, you think of quality, elegance, and a sense of enduring style. What started as a humble wool coat resource has blossomed into a brand that encompasses much more than outerwear. Today, Larry Levine is renowned for its sportswear, hosiery, lingerie, women's suits, and accessories. The brand's commitment to building on the classics, while incorporating clean lines, distinctive fabrics, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding value, sets it apart in the world of fashion.

Larry Levine's Product Range

At the core of Larry Levine's reputation lies its outerwear collection. Each piece is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every stitch is perfect. Larry Levine's coats and jackets offer a level of quality that withstands the test of time. However, the brand's product range extends far beyond outerwear. Larry Levine has embraced the challenge of expanding into other areas, including sportswear, hosiery, lingerie, and women's suits and accessories. Regardless of the category, Larry Levine maintains its commitment to delivering stylish and well-crafted pieces that meet the needs of the modern woman.

Timeless Appeal of Larry Levine

Larry Levine has mastered the art of creating clothing that is simultaneously timeless and current. By combining classic elements with modern design touches, the brand ensures that its pieces never go out of style. Larry Levine understands that trends come and go, but true style endures. Each garment is carefully designed to be both versatile and fashionable, allowing women to express their individuality while staying true to the timeless aesthetic that Larry Levine represents. Whether it's a tailored blazer or a flowing dress, you can count on Larry Levine to deliver clothing that exudes elegance and sophistication.

The Larry Levine Woman

The Larry Levine Woman is someone who values meticulous tailoring and timeless silhouettes. She understands the power of well-fitting clothing to enhance her confidence and make a lasting impression. When she wears Larry Levine, she feels poised and ready to conquer any challenge that comes her way. Luxe fabrications and a perfect fit are not just features of Larry Levine's designs; they are integral to the brand's philosophy. The Larry Levine Woman appreciates the attention to detail and the dedication to craftsmanship that Larry Levine brings to each garment.

Larry Levine Woman's Values

Larry Levine embodies a set of values that resonate with its customers. The Larry Levine Woman is strong and caring, independent and creative. She exudes confidence and flexibility while maintaining a steady and lively spirit. The brand recognizes and celebrates these characteristics, designing clothing that empowers women to embrace their true selves. Larry Levine understands that clothing is more than just fabric and threads; it is an expression of who we are and how we navigate the world. The values that the brand upholds are reflected in every piece it creates.


In a world where fashion trends come and go, Larry Levine stands as an American classic, providing women with clothing that transcends fleeting styles. From its humble beginnings as a wool coat resource, the brand has grown into a full lifestyle collection that offers the modern woman a range of timeless options. Larry Levine's commitment to meticulous tailoring, timeless silhouettes, luxe fabrications, and a perfect fit ensures that each piece reflects the brand's values and enhances the wearer's confidence. When you choose Larry Levine, you choose enduring elegance.

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