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Leonardo da Vinci Brand Logo

Brand Licensing for "Leonardo Da Vinci" the fashion brand

There is no one in the entire world, at least its cultured parts, who has not heard of the Italian Renaissance wonder, Leonardo Da Vinci.

In fact, one cannot really do justice in trying to describe this creative genius, this multi-disciplined human being who touched almost every sphere and advanced many in his time, with his fame and impression still influencing us today. Leonardo Da Vinci was a scientist, mathematician, inventor, and writer, who dabbed in anatomy and medicine, and most famous of all, was a sculptor and painter.​

His wonderful and famous works, including the "Mona Lisa", "The Last Supper", "The Vitruvian Man" and his self-portrait, decorate the most important art museums in the world like the Louvre. There are also private collections based on the huge collection of works of this amazing man. Leonardo Da Vinci lived only 67 years, but his contributions to humanity continue to impact one and all, and in fact, probably more than any other person in history. It is still hard for even our most contemporary geniuses and men of letters to compete with his diversity, abilities, and such a broad spectrum of talent from which the world still benefits today.

The fashion line named after him continues to succeed in making an almost impossible connection between the genius creator and contemporary fashion. But believe it: this connection is possible and also quite successful, because who doesn't want something innovative and creative?​

The fashion brand includes its logo and signature. The connection between the here and now and the past has been made much more tangible and pleasant than one might imagine. Indeed, Da Vinci so much wanted to connect with the future, and how much he was really before his time. This is exactly where the connection between brand licensing for the quality fashion line of Leonardo Da Vinci and the manufacturer is made. You can find printings with the famous Mona Lisa face on almost anything you choose.  It might be the faces of both Mona Lisa and Da Vinci on a new jeans jacket, or a different jacket decorated with the Vitruvian Man. The sky and the imagination are the limits. Other unique and even surprising combinations can be designed that brings together the past and present, and very successfully. This is a fashion line that brings a unique message of beauty, thinking, and quality.​

You can find the Mona Lisa image on eyeglass frames or a stylish t-shirt. Or you might see Da Vinci's drawings from the world of optics and light adorning neckties. How refreshing and original this is… and there are many others, with each one having a similar message of the old with the new.

The label's collection has now moved into bags that carry his handwritten sayings, or images from "The Last Supper" one of his most famous paintings, on bed linens. Could anything be more special? You tell us!​

If you would also like to be part of this unique enterprise, all you have to do is call our company and join us in fashion brand licensing for the Da Vinci line. We wouldn't wait another minute – nor should you!

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