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Mudd: Empowering Girls to Stand Up, Stand Out, and Embrace Authenticity

We are a community built from independent spirits who use style as one form of self-expression.

Mudd is the casual lifestyle fashion brand that offers style and a latform for our girl to create her own universe. We stand for care-free individuality, genuine self-expression, exploration and discovery.

Our girl is a little bit boho, effortlessly chic, true to herself, and confidently sets her own fashion rules regardless of conventional standards. Her courage and spirit set her personal style apart from the crowd. While fashion sets the stage, the Mudd Girl’s ambition, confidence and creative spirit steal the show. We design clothes so she can build her own world with her own rules through style, personal beliefs, and community.

The Mudd girl


Not all those who wander are lost, and the Mudd girl certainly loves an adventure. She is not constrained by convention – her independent nature and pursuit of happiness is made by her own rules.


She drives change and impact. She has a go-getter attitude in all aspects of her life. From her relationships to social issues, she cares about making a difference.


She is empowered by her voice and not conforming to conventional standards. Comfortable in her own skin, she embraces her flaws and has a strong sense of who she is.


She is opinionated, genuine and not afraid to express herself. Remaining authentic to who she is at her core, she doesn’t waver in what she believes in.


Laid back style without compromising comfort, she embraces fashion and puts a stamp on her own personal style.

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