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Scotch & Soda: A Celebration of Amsterdam's Free Spirit

Scotch & Soda, an Amsterdam-based lifestyle brand, has rapidly grown into a global sensation, embodying the free spirit and liberal outlook of its home city. From its headquarters nestled in the heart of Amsterdam, the brand has extended its reach to offices and showrooms worldwide.

Global Presence

Scotch & Soda's collections are available across the globe, with 273 freestanding stores gracing Europe, North America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. Additionally, the brand's collections are featured in 7,000 doors in some of the world's most iconic cities, including New York, London, and Paris.

With shipping capabilities to over 70 countries, Scotch & Soda employs a fully integrated omni-channel distribution model, encompassing retail, e-commerce, wholesale, and franchise channels. Some of the world's most esteemed retailers, such as Bloomingdale's, de Bijenkorf, Galeries Lafayette, El Corte Inglés, Breuninger, David Jones, and Zalando, proudly showcase their collections.

The Free Spirit of Amsterdam

Scotch & Soda's essence is deeply rooted in the free spirit of Amsterdam. The brand's outlook is endlessly optimistic, championing individuality, authenticity, and the profound impact of self-expression in creating uniqueness. The liberal atmosphere of their home city influences every facet of their operation, from campaign imagery and store artworks to designs and collaborations. It even shapes their approach to customer service.

At the core of their mission is the desire to spread joy, irrespective of circumstances. Scotch & Soda aims to help customers not only look good but also do good and, most importantly, feel good.

Brand Identity

The brand's identity mirrors its design philosophy, which thrives on juxtaposing the expected with the unexpected, all while celebrating the liberal thinking that defines Amsterdam.

A notable addition to their identity is the brand icon, a representation of unity that lies at the heart of Scotch & Soda's name. This icon ingeniously blends the iconic ampersand with the brand's initials, resembling the intricate movement of a thread attached to the eye of a needle. This symbolizes the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into every piece within their collections.

In conclusion, Scotch & Soda is more than just a fashion brand; it's a celebration of Amsterdam's free spirit, a champion of self-expression, and a beacon of optimism. With a rapidly expanding global presence and a unique brand identity, Scotch & Soda continues to bring joy to its customers through its diverse collections and unwavering commitment to embracing the unexpected.

 License now Scotch & Soda  brand

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