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Cove Built Different: Unveiling the Contrarian Approach to Surf Apparel


In a world inundated with conformity, Cove stands as a beacon of uniqueness in the surf apparel industry. Their unconventional approach challenges the norm and sets them apart from the crowd. Let's dive into the distinctive elements that make Cove truly built different.

Contrarian Thinking at the Core

Cove's Strategic Shift Online

Cove bucks the trend by prioritizing online presence before venturing into retail. Their massive online customer base is a testament to the success of this unconventional strategy.

Elimination of Poly Bags and Hang Tags

In a bid to be environmentally responsible, Cove takes a bold step by eliminating poly bags and hang tags. This move not only reduces waste but also aligns with their commitment to a sustainable future.

Customer Involvement in Product Development

Unlike traditional approaches, Cove seeks customer opinions before a product is even created. This customer-centric approach ensures that every item resonates with their audience, fostering a deeper connection.

Mission with a Purpose

Reviving the Surf Apparel Industry

Cove's mission goes beyond profit; it's about reviving the surf apparel industry. They achieve this by combining unique artwork with exceptional quality products and a dedicated give-back program for our home planet.

Core Values

Creativity, Excellence, Quality, Community, Integrity, Fun

Cove's values are not just words; they are the guiding principles that drive every decision. Creativity fuels their designs, excellence and quality define their products, and a sense of community and integrity underpin their actions. Fun is the cherry on top, making Cove not just a brand but a lifestyle.

Do or Die Philosophy

Continuous Innovation

Complacency is not in Cove's vocabulary. The do or die philosophy drives them to design every product with the intent to surpass their current best-sellers. For Cove, innovation is not a choice but a necessity for survival.

Customer-Centric Approach

Customers at the Forefront

Cove acknowledges the pivotal role customers play in their journey. Customer obsession is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment. Customers actively participate in shaping Cove's offerings through social media interactions and exclusive customer-only groups.

Extreme Ownership

Taking Responsibility

Cove lives by the principle of extreme ownership. They take full responsibility for their actions and the results. This philosophy stems from the belief that everyone deserves what they earn. If you want something different, it's on you to go out and earn it.


In a world saturated with conformity, Cove's contrarian approach is a breath of fresh air. Their commitment to sustainability, customer involvement, and continuous innovation sets them apart in the surf apparel industry. Cove is not just a brand; it's a movement, an embodiment of values that redefine the status quo.

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