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Eskimo Pie Brand: A Delicious Journey from Invention to Transformation


When it comes to nostalgic frozen treats, few can evoke as many cherished memories as the Eskimo Pie brand. The mere mention of it conjures images of that signature foil wrapper, which held a delightful surprise within—a crunchy chocolate shell encasing ice-cold, creamy vanilla goodness. For many, the highlight was licking the wrapper to savor the extra bits of melted chocolate. This iconic dessert has a fascinating history that dates back to the early 1920s when it first captivated taste buds and hearts.

The Birth of a Sweet Idea

Christian Nelson and Russel Stover - The Creative Duo

The Eskimo Pie's inception can be traced back to a quaint candy shop in 1920. It was here that a young customer faced a delicious dilemma—should they choose an ice cream treat or a chocolate bar? This conundrum sparked the imagination of Christian Nelson, the candy shop owner, and Russel Stover. Together, they embarked on a journey to create something truly unique—a way for hard chocolate candy to perfectly adhere to cold, creamy ice cream.

A Novel Concept Takes Flight

In 1922, Christian Nelson and Russel Stover introduced the world to the Eskimo Pie. This extraordinary creation revolutionized the frozen treat industry. With a million Eskimo Pies sold daily, it was clear that they had struck gold. The public couldn't get enough of the delectable combination of textures and flavors that this innovative dessert offered.

The Evolution of the Eskimo Pie Brand

As with many beloved brands, the Eskimo Pie underwent transformations over the years, both in terms of ownership and name.

Changing Hands

Throughout its history, the Eskimo Pie brand changed ownership several times. However, it was the acquisition by the Dreyer division of Nestle that would leave a lasting mark.

From Eskimo Pie to Edy's Pies

In an homage to one of its founders, Joseph Edy, the brand was rebranded as "Edy's Pies." This change marked a significant shift for the iconic treat, but the essence of its deliciousness remained intact.


The Eskimo Pie brand has endured the test of time, transcending generations and evolving into a cherished frozen dessert. From its humble beginnings in a small candy shop to becoming a household name, it has remained a symbol of joy and indulgence.

In the ever-changing landscape of the frozen dessert industry, the Eskimo Pie's transformation into Edy's Pies serves as a reminder of its rich history and enduring appeal. Despite the name change, its deliciousness continues to delight taste buds around the world.

 License now Eskimo Pie  brand

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