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Swoops Brand: Available for Licensing

In the world of confectionery, the term "hyperbolic paraboloid" may not immediately ring a bell. However, if you've ever indulged in the world of chocolate, you may be more familiar with its delicious manifestation – the Swoops. Hershey introduced Swoops in 2003, promising a novel and indulgent chocolate experience. These unique chocolate chips captured the hearts of consumers with their distinctive shape, stackability, and a delightful array of flavors. Although Swoops had a relatively short shelf life, being available for only three years, its fervent fanbase still craves this iconic chocolate snack. In this article, we'll explore the fascinating history of Swoops, its appeal, and its current status in the world of snacks.

The Birth of Swoops

Hershey's Swoops were more than just your typical chocolate treat. They were a groundbreaking innovation in the world of confectionery. Swoops took their name from their distinctive shape – a hyperbolic paraboloid. This unique shape was not merely an aesthetic choice; it was designed to enhance the chocolate-eating experience. When placed on the tongue, Swoops would gently conform to the roof of the mouth, allowing for a slow and delightful chocolate-melt experience that traditional chocolate bars couldn't replicate.

The Flavorful Lineup

Swoops arrived on the scene with a variety of delectable flavors that catered to every palate. The lineup included classic favorites like milk chocolate, peanut butter, mint, and coconut. These flavors added a twist to the traditional chocolate chip, making them a hit among both kids and adults. Swoops offered a refreshing change from the ordinary, and consumers couldn't get enough of these playful and delectable chocolate chips.

A Short but Sweet Journey

While Swoops captured the hearts and taste buds of many, their time on the market was relatively short-lived. After their introduction in 2003, they remained on store shelves for just three years. Despite their short tenure, the impact they made was profound. Fans fondly recall the joy of discovering and indulging in these delightful chocolate chips. The nostalgia associated with Swoops has only grown over the years.

Where Can You Find Swoops Today?

One of the most common questions that still lingers among fans is, "Where can I get my hands on Swoops today?" Unfortunately, Swoops are no longer available in regular retail stores. However, hope is not entirely lost. Some specialty candy shops and online marketplaces may still carry limited supplies of these iconic chocolate chips. For devoted Swoops enthusiasts, it's worth scouring the internet and exploring niche candy retailers to get a taste of nostalgia.


Hershey's Swoops, with their unique hyperbolic paraboloid shape and delightful flavors, left an indelible mark on the world of chocolate confectionery. Though they may no longer grace the shelves of our local stores, the memories and cravings they sparked still linger. Swoops will forever be remembered as a chocolate chip like no other, providing a fun and indulgent experience that made snack time memorable.

 License now Swoops  brand

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