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Crossfire Video Game Actively Seeking Licensing Partners in All Major Categories

Crossfire, a colossal force in the gaming industry, stands as the largest shooting video game in China, boasting a staggering 670 million users and a global revenue surpassing USD$10 billion. Published by Tencent, the game has become synonymous with eSports excellence, hosting major events that draw massive audiences. Notably, the game has expanded its reach beyond the virtual realm, with popular figures like LuHan and WuLei starring in a Web-Drama associated with Crossfire.

Tencent's Role in Crossfire's Success

Tencent's influence in the gaming world is undeniable, and Crossfire is no exception. As the publisher of this gaming giant, Tencent has played a pivotal role in propelling Crossfire to unprecedented heights. The strategic collaboration between the game developers and Tencent has significantly contributed to the game's popularity on a global scale.

eSports Phenomenon

Crossfire's dominance extends to the realm of eSports, with major events capturing the attention of millions worldwide. The involvement of celebrities like LuHan and WuLei in a Crossfire-related Web-Drama adds another layer of appeal, connecting with fans on a personal level. The eSports phenomenon surrounding Crossfire is not just about gaming but has become a cultural force.

Weibo Ranking and Influence

Crossfire's influence extends to social media, particularly on platforms like Weibo, where it consistently ranks as number one. The game's active and engaged community contributes to its social media success, creating a vibrant online ecosystem. This not only boosts the game's popularity but also opens up unique marketing opportunities for potential licensing partners.

Categories Open for Licensing

The allure of Crossfire is not limited to gaming; it transcends into various lifestyle categories open for licensing. Businesses have the chance to partner in Apparel, Fashion Accessories, Footwear, Health & Beauty, Toys, Art, Game Merchandise, Publishing & Media, Computer, Gaming, eSports, and Mobile Phone Accessories, as well as Food & Beverages.

Global Licensing Initiative

Crossfire is on the lookout for licensing partners globally. This initiative signifies a unique opportunity for businesses around the world to align themselves with a gaming giant and tap into the vast market potential that Crossfire offers.

Apparel and Fashion Accessories Licensing

The world of fashion can now intertwine with the gaming realm through licensing opportunities in Apparel and Fashion Accessories. Imagine clothing lines and accessories inspired by the adrenaline-pumping world of Crossfire, creating a fashion statement for avid gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Footwear and Health & Beauty Licensing

Crossfire-themed footwear and health & beauty products provide a novel way for fans to express their allegiance to the game. Licensing in these categories can lead to innovative products that seamlessly blend gaming culture with everyday lifestyle.

Toys and Game Merchandise Licensing

The market for toys and game merchandise is ever-expanding, and Crossfire enthusiasts are eager to own tangible pieces of the gaming universe. Licensing partnerships in this category can result in collectibles, action figures, and other merchandise that fans will cherish.

Publishing & Media Licensing

Crossfire's rich narrative and expansive universe present exciting opportunities in Publishing & Media licensing. Collaborations in books, comics, and other media can bring the game's story to a broader audience, creating a multi-dimensional experience for fans.

Computer, Gaming, and eSports Accessories Licensing

As technology continues to evolve, the demand for branded accessories in the Computer, Gaming, and eSports categories is on the rise. Licensing partnerships can lead to the creation of high-quality peripherals that enhance the gaming experience for Crossfire enthusiasts.

Mobile Phone Accessories Licensing

The mobile gaming market is booming, and Crossfire-themed mobile phone accessories are poised to capture the attention of avid gamers. Licensing in this category opens doors to a vast and rapidly growing market.

Food & Beverages Licensing

In a surprising yet intriguing category, Crossfire is exploring licensing opportunities in Food & Beverages. From energy drinks to snacks, the game's branding can add a unique flavor to the culinary world, creating a one-of-a-kind experience for fans.


Crossfire's active pursuit of licensing partners across diverse categories signals a new era in gaming collaborations. The game's massive user base, global revenue, and Tencent's backing make it a lucrative opportunity for businesses looking to tap into the gaming culture. Whether in fashion, accessories, or even food and beverages, the potential for successful partnerships is vast, offering a chance for brands to connect with a dedicated and diverse audience.

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