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KEVINGSTON: A 33-Year Journey in Argentine Fashion

In the vibrant neighborhood of Belgrano, Buenos Aires, the fall of 1989 marked the inception of KEVINGSTON, an Argentine fashion brand that would go on to redefine the nation's clothing sector. With a traditional and classic aesthetic inspired by Argentine Polo and Rugby, KEVINGSTON quickly became a household name, captivating the public with its unique style.

Early Years and Local Success

The first Kevingston location opened its doors, offering garments made from noble materials with meticulous attention to quality and detail. The warmth of family attention urged customers to return, establishing KEVINGSTON as a registered trademark not only in Buenos Aires but across provinces like Corrientes, Santa Fé, Salta, Tucumán, and Río Negro.

Evolution and Expansion

In 2006, KEVINGSTON embraced modernization by introducing the CHILDREN collection, diversifying its offerings. The brand's ability to adapt was further evident in 2010 with the birth of KEVINGSTON MUJER, catering to a broader clientele. The third generation of the founding family injected innovation, ensuring KEVINGSTON's contemporary relevance.

Family Involvement and Innovation

The involvement of the third generation brought forth new proposals and projects, infusing a more contemporary look into the brand. This spirit of innovation has been a driving force, keeping KEVINGSTON updated and relevant in the ever-evolving fashion landscape.

National and International Presence

With over 300 stores inside and outside the country, KEVINGSTON stands as a testament to longevity and success in Argentine fashion. It has become one of the enduring names, symbolizing the rich history of the nation's clothing industry.

KEVINGSTON's Impact on the Clothing Sector

In the last 33 years, KEVINGSTON has not just been a clothing brand; it has been a trendsetter, influencing the national clothing sector profoundly. Its unique style transcends age and gender, providing a diverse audience with quality clothing options.

Shopping Experience

KEVINGSTON offers a seamless shopping experience both in physical stores and online. The brand's commitment to quality clothing is evident, making it a go-to choice for those seeking both style and substance.

Organization and Culture

The heart of KEVINGSTON lies in its strong family culture spanning three generations. This familial bond, coupled with high aspirations for growth, sets the brand apart in an industry often driven by trends.


KEVINGSTON's mission is clear - to offer high-quality garments at attractive prices, consistently meeting customer demands and expectations. This commitment has been a cornerstone of the brand's success.


The vision of KEVINGSTON extends beyond just being a brand; it aspires to be the most prestigious in the market. Leading in both marketing and manufacturing, the brand aims to create a better daily life for both customers and collaborators.


Loyalty, Trust, Responsibility, Improvement, and Passion are the values that form the foundation of KEVINGSTON's ethos. These values guide the brand in every endeavor, ensuring a consistent commitment to excellence.


In conclusion, KEVINGSTON's 33-year journey in Argentine fashion is a testament to its resilience, adaptability, and commitment to quality. From its humble beginnings in Buenos Aires to a national and international presence, the brand continues to shape the clothing sector. KEVINGSTON not only offers garments but an experience, rooted in family values and driven by innovation.

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