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BEBE Brand Logo

Founder Manny Mashouf opened the first bebe boutique in 1976 in San Francisco. Recognizing a demographic that was neither junior nor bridge, the first contemporary fashion brand emerged. Over 35 years later, bebe has established itself as one of the world’s top fashion brands.

Bebe brand seeks to create a luxury, upscale aesthetic. It appeals to a contemporary consumer who is knowledgeable and passionate about fashion.

The customer will find flirty dresses, fitted pieces, crop tops that are considered trendy and fashion-forward. In addition, bebe offers a line of merchandise branded with the distinctive bebe logo for those who love to wear the babe name.

Bebe's wholesale strategy launched in early 2016 is primarily focused on contemporary retail department stores.

With more than 100 international-licensee-operated stores, the brand continues to grow with the introduction of new product classifications that include dresses, activewear, handbags, footwear & travel accessories.


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