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For over 130 years BIKE®Athletic has been protecting athletes with performance apparel, support undergarments, apparel, pads, gloves, and braces.

Almost every man over the age of 30 in the United States either wore a BIKE®garment or protective supporter.

BIKE®Athletic provided Football and Baseball apparel, safety gear for weight lifting, tennis, basketball, volleyball, baseball gear, and other sports for men, women, and youth.

Historically, BIKE®offered a large variety of products for American football. More than 90% of all American football coaches cited BIKE®when asked about protection and POP Warner selected BIKE®as their official supplier for protective equipment.


•The AIR POWERfootball helmet

•The ”AEROSKIN” moisture transport system

•The revolutionary ”ProflexMaxCup” system

•The ”Xtreme Lite” shoulder pad series

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