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Larry Levine

Larry Levine.

An American classic.

For every occasion.

What started as a wool coat resource in the 1950s has now become a full lifestyle collection for the modern woman with a classic aesthetic.

Famed for its outerwear, Larry Levine has expanded into sportswear, hosiery, lingerie, and women’s suits and accessories.

Larry Levine builds on the classics, enhances them with clean lines, distinctive fabrics, superior craftsmanship, and outstanding value. 

The result is clothing that is at once timeless, yet always


The label recognized for over 50 years for its well-bred American style guarantees an impeccable fit and attention to detail.

Larry Levine Woman Values:

• Meticulous Tailoring

• Timeless Silhouettes

• Luxe Fabrications

• Perfect Fit

Larry Levine Woman Is:

Strong Caring

Independent Creative

Confident Flexible

Steady Lively

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