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Osiris Brand Logo

Osiris is a leading global lifestyle brand that designs, merchandises, produces, markets and distributes its own brand of skate lifestyle footwear, clothing, and accessories. 

The Brand's focus has been proprietary branding with the goal of creating a leadership position for the brand and a strong emotional connection with its consumer. 

The Osiris product range is inclusive of action sports and lifestyle collections and targeted towards 12 to 28-year-old males and females.

Osiris remains one of the seminal brands established during the proliferation of skate footwear brands during the ’90s. 

The Brand has a long heritage of developing progressive products that spawned trends within the industry. Osiris is recognized for its innovative use of materials and unique designs profiles.

Osiris is the main distributor for the North American market- USA, Canada, and Mexico. Osiris works with an independent distributor in both Canada and Mexico to service smaller, independent accounts.

Domestically, the distribution strategy is focused on the independent, regional and national specialty retailer tier, as well as limited distribution to family footwear, mid-tier retailer, and specialty Athletic.

A direct agency business model is employed in the UK and Spain. In addition, Osiris has exclusive distributors in over 35 markets internationally.

Consumer Demographic:

The customer base for the brand is primarily made up of 12 to 28 males and females. that are participants, enthusiasts, and emulators of the skate and action sports lifestyle and youth culture. They are active, creative individuals who are tastemakers and trendsetters. This is a prized demographic in the action sports/lifestyle brand pool and a major influencer in the broader consumer fashion market.

The Brand:

• Rooted in skateboarding with a heavy emphasis on lifestyle designs.

• Strong commitment within the action sports and youth culture communities.

1. Athlete endorsement {Skate, Surf, BMX, Motorsports, Music)

2. Event Sponsorship

3. Social Media

• Emotional connection with its customer base.

• Defines itself through:

1. Innovation

2. Lifestyle

3. Music

4. Individuality

5. Urban Mindset

6. Young Males

7. Edgy Attitude


The Brand's strategy is to continue designing innovative products for the specialty market while broadening its distribution into new retail tiers to increase revenue growth. The increased production volume will allow for increased overall profitability. 

Osiris will reinvest from this increased profitability at the Core level to drive clearly defined marketing initiatives thereby creating brand demand at all

levels of distribution.

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