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Xoxo Brand Logo

XOXO was founded in 1991 as a day to evening lifestyle brand at an attainable price point

XOXO was one of the first junior/young contemporary brands to design and sell “runway to real-way” fashion apparel and accessories which were accessible to the average consumer. 

Delivering truly feminine, sexy, trend-conscious looks within the fashion spectrum is the one constant element in XOXO’s success over time and as we continue to evolve.

The XOXO core consumer is a true Gen-Z/Millennial 18 – 35 years of age. 

Our extended consumer ranges in age from 14 to a woman well in her 40’s who is still young at heart and desires affordable, wearable, trend-conscious designs, as well as innovative basics, are the essence of XOXO style. 

The XOXO girl is Feminine, Energetic, Confident, Modern & “In-the-Mix”. “In-the-Mix” is XOXO’s way of describing our girl who is into the latest and hottest music, movies, technology, and

celebrities connected to modern culture.

A key to XOXO’s success and what sets us apart from other Junior/ Young Contemporary Brands is our appeal to women based on different combinations of the following variables: Age ( 14-40 or more, core consumer 25), Mentality (young at heart), Geographic Location, Ethnicity (all) and Disposable income (willingness to spend). Dressing your age the XOXO way means fashion for any female from 14 to 40 (or more).

XOXO is a day to an evening lifestyle brand with attainable price points. 

Our goal is to offer the XOXO Girl the latest runway & celebrity-inspired on-trend looks and key item basics at a price she can afford and quality we are proud to stand behind. 

Our goal to retail partners is to deliver, in a timely manner, on-trend quality goods at the right price.

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