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Celebrity Icons Original Paintings by Sidney Maurer

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For many years my favorite song was “La Vie on Rose” by Edith Piaf which simply means “always seeing the glass half full and life through rose-colored glasses.” I enjoyed receiving a painting of this great singer by Sid Maurer. This artist has painted and loved over 150 of the world's celebrated icons. Many of the great 14th, 15th, and 16th-century painters like DaVinci and Michelangelo had patrons. Without such patrons, they could not continue painting and sharing their vision.


Today the patrons of Sid Maurer are his dear friend and gallery manager and Allan. The toolbox of creative business, loyalty, and admiration for Sidney has been incredible when talented hands and minds unite. Having total faith in me has caused a new jewel to be born and to dazzle the lives of our international agents and clients. Our impressions and immediate reaction to Sid Maurer’s paintings were "WOW.” I looked to my international audience and spoke glowingly about this man and the new frame icon that hung in the space of my mind.


I saw a successful future, exhibitions, and new portraits that would grace the private collection of the new celebrity world from Madonna to Julia Roberts to Justin Beaver (to name a few). I would need to pace my ideas so that dearest Sid Maurer has time to digest and add to his collection, sports players, musicians, statements, heroes and heroines, etc. Sid Maurer’s paintings were done before, during, and after the passing of his eldest son Gary.


This most sensitive moment for Sid (and any parent) engrossed by his feelings of grief and joy while the morning of the loss of his son was absorbed in his incredible talent and expressed in his artwork. His art saved his life! In sharing his pain and creativity, he told me “You are a key to my dream and will bring my work to the world”  “I am blessed.” We have shared memorable telephone interludes on how I do what I do, and Sid and Allan Rich’s accord with the simplest words, onward and upward.

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Sid Maurer: A Journey of Art and Music


Sid Maurer is a remarkable individual whose life has been interwoven with captivating stories of art and music. From his early beginnings as an assistant art director at Columbia Records in New York City to his evolution as a renowned painter, Maurer's career has been nothing short of extraordinary. This article delves into the fascinating journey of Sid Maurer, highlighting his contributions to the art and music industries.


Exploring the Roots of Creativity

At the tender age of seventeen, Sid Maurer embarked on his artistic voyage when he secured a position as an assistant art director at Columbia Records in New York City. While his weekdays were dedicated to his passion for visual arts, the weekends saw him showcasing his musical talent by playing the trumpet in Jazz clubs, an endeavor that provided him with additional income. It was during this time that Maurer crossed paths with a young artist who would leave an indelible mark on the art world—Andy Warhol. While Warhol ventured into the realm of "serious" art, Maurer expanded his commercial art studio, embracing a diverse array of projects for the music and film industries.


Drawing Inspiration from the Masters

Maurer's tenure in the music business connected him with a group of esteemed artists whose names continue to resonate today. Influenced by the groundbreaking work and ideas of artists like Pollack and Rauschenberg, Maurer began shaping his own distinctive painting style. In the mid-sixties, his talents gained recognition, and his artwork graced the galleries of New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. The world was taking notice of Sid Maurer, the painter.


A Shift Towards True Passion

In the early nineties, Maurer reached a pivotal moment in his career. While he had played a significant role in building the empire of music and art, he realized that it left little room for pursuing his true passion: painting. Seizing the opportunity for artistic growth, he relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where he has resided ever since. This move allowed him to dedicate himself fully to his craft, resulting in a vast catalog of breathtaking works and the refinement of his unique style. Over the past decade, his artwork has graced prestigious venues such as the Georgia Capitol, the Carnegie Museum in Oxnard, California, and the U.C.L.A. campus.


Celebrating Culture through Art

Sid Maurer's commissions span an impressive spectrum, including collaborations with renowned organizations like ESPN and Motorsport America magazine. His artistry has also caught the attention of influential individuals, such as David Bowie, Boy George, and his long-time friend Donovan. Maurer's recent works showcase a diverse range of subjects, delving into captivating elements within our culture. His series "Vanishing Georgia," comprising 30 mesmerizing paintings, portrays pivotal events and eras in the history of his beloved southern home. Additionally, Maurer pays tribute to the heroes of our culture through his "Sports Legends" series, while his "Movie Stars" and "Famous Musicians" series captivate audiences with their depiction of beloved personalities.


A Fusion of Art and Design

As a painter, Sid Maurer masterfully combines various artistic disciplines to create compelling mixed-media pieces. His style is characterized by bold and dynamic colors, expertly intertwined with meticulous layouts and typographical elements. This harmonious fusion showcases the profound passion of a painter and the discerning eye of a graphic designer. Maurer's artistic exploration primarily relies on symbols and personalities, invoking feelings of pride, nostalgia, and hope.

In conclusion, Sid Maurer's artistic journey serves as a testament to the power of passion and creative exploration. From his early days in the music industry to his emergence as a celebrated painter

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