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Weglam Princess


The Luxury Weglam Princess is one of the new and most ambitious projects today. It addresses the current global problem: women, their values, the growing feminism, gender equality and the empowerment of women today.

The project is highly aspirational, each princess represents a precious jewel and all must work together to take care of their planets. The project has a high social, ecological, equality, high values, altruism and common good level.

The project is viable to commercialize the licenses of the characters, throughout the world and the production of the animated series, for which we are looking for the investment and commercialization partner of the same.

Today is the topic of current affairs, rising feminism, women's values, and women's empowerment. So, our princesses each represent a different jewel and have all the values that are talked about in the world today.

We have the records of all the characters, they are original and unpublished in the world. We can grant you a license and in the best conditions of the character market.

In relation to the princesses of jewels, it is a new great project of aspiration and luxury, and with great potential. You can observe the development and potential on the website.

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Weglam Princess

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