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Choose Happy

Choose Happy Brand Logo

Choose Happy, a globally known brand that inspires others to live a more positive life has launched “The Happy Collection” which includes dozens of inspirational quotes available as an art piece. 

Founder Jill Liberman motivates people all over the world to be happier, and now it’s available for homes, offices, and so much more.

The Happy Collection is perfect for anyone that wants to share positive vibes and inspire others. 

You’ll see that bright colors will instantly make you smile and bring joy to others as they pass by.

• Red: Confidence, Strength, Courage, Love

• Yellow: Energy, Fun, Joy, Encouragement

• Blue: Wisdom, Trust, Belief, Health

• Green: Friendly, Growth, Change, Success

• Pink: Creativity, Self-Esteem, Originality, Perception

• Purple: Inspiration, Imagination, Dreams, Ambition

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